Friday, June 22, 2007

The skirt that turned into a purse

I have this skirt that I bought back in college. It was always on the short side, but I loved the pattern. But I've put on a few pounds since then, and well, the skirt just doesn't fit. No loss. It's becoming my purse.

I've already pinned it to see what it would look like and what shape I'd want. I just have to cut and sew the thing. Add some wooden handles, and Viola! I found a great trim site that offers all sorts of purse handles for crafticians such as myself. What else can I construct from the no-longer-wear-can't-seem-to-get-rid-of items in my closet?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My ink and paper self

Anyone who knows me, knows I have an obssession with paper crafts, and even more importantly, you know my favorite paper/rubber stamp sources: Paper Source and Impress Rubber Stamps. If you don't know, I give to you the source to (almost) all my craftiness. Never underestimate the power of a hand-crafted there a better way to tell someone thanks?