Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Party up in here

On Saturday we threw Vincent one hellava first fete. The theme (because who doesn't throw a party without a theme?!) was actually my idea, but brought to life by none other than my sister. When he was born, she had made him this amazing quilt, which I decided should be the spring board for his party. I've been wanting a reason to put it front and center, and this was it. Plus I really hate the idea of buying/making frivolous decorations you can't use later. She had also created him a matching pennant banner to hang in his room. Of course that had to be brought out. What's a party without a pennant banner?

But then Chance created a matching V canvas, cupcake flags, and T-shirt to wear on the big day. It all coordinated but wasn't overly matchy matchy. I loved how everything pulled together. Oh, and I didn't have to do a thing because upon mentioning this entire idea to my sister she was off and running. True to form. You can always count on that one. She should be a party planner. But it wasn't her birthday, so I guess we should stick to the man of the hour and tell you more about how his day went.

Most of my family was in attendance, which gave Vincent some wonderful arms to be wrapped up in and people to watch. He loved playing with his cousin Jamie and I think he honestly was a pretty sad when she left.

We started the day chopping off some of that hair at a kid's salon. He got to ride a big Jeep (again! At his last hair cut in Denver, he was in a pink Jeep. Do they come in any other colors? Maybe they assume more girls come to the salon than little boys.) He had his own personal DVD player and we had the stylist hook him up with some Yo Gabba Gabba. He not only was interested in watching this, but he played with the steering wheel and the gear shifts on his Jeep. He only fussed a couple time. We left with a faux hawk that didn't manage to stay up but save for a few Alfalfa hairs in the back.

Next we hit up Party City for a ballon bouquet. Vincent was still in good spirits shaking maracas while we waited. I wish I would have captured his face when he saw the bouquet. It was worth the $25 and he was so excited to see them come home with us.

Vincent stayed happy all day without a nap. You read that right. Without one nap. Every time I tried to get him down he'd cry and point toward the door. I gave up. As long as he stayed happy, I didn't mind. And he had plenty of people to keep him entertained.

He did get one very short nap when Grandma decided to rock him just as his party was starting. There's one thing you don't do with this kid and that's wake him up. I thought for sure the party was going to be a bust after that, but we managed to get him woken up and stay happy. Well, except for the singing. Maybe we were off key? After that he wasn't interested in his cupcake and we're still struggling with texture issues, so it was no surprise when he didn't want to touch it.

He got some great gifts, including a wagon, clothes, balls, and lots of books.

The mantel picture banner. 

Balloon bouquet. I have no idea who the blue guy is, but I thought he looked more fun than the cheesy "You're 1" ballon.

Official wagon-putting-together business. Thanks Uncle Jon and Uncle Wayne!

The decorations a la Chance

It's my birthday?! I love birthdays if I can always get this much attention!

No singing!

Let 'em eat cake!

Check me out in my new sunglasses

Thanks for the balloons Mom!

Party planner and photographer extraordinaire. Seriously, this is the only picture I have of you?!

Cousins Jamie and Victoria

Vincent could have played all day

I love you Aunt Melissa

Cousin Victoria

Cousin Taylor
One happy family. Don't mind the midriff baring. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

One year ago

at 4:10 p.m. I brought my baby boy into the world. Vincent has changed our world forever! He hasn't been the easiest baby, but he has such a cute personality and all that hair that more than makes for all the sleepless nights, the hissy fits, the gagging with solids, the gagging for no reason. Just plain gagging. It's the reason we still keep burp clothes handy everywhere. There are always no less than three on our couch. Always.

This past week has mirrored probably what our first week at home felt like since Vincent was sick and then he got Daddy sick. We took him to urgent care to discover he had an ear infection. Great, we get to give him antibiotics. More gagging, of course.

I should say more about this past year in retrospect. More than just gagging, but I'm just keeping it real. This kid keeps us on our toes.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Give me winter or give me spring

Either one because in the past week, I got shoes that rock the seasons, which is good considering the Midwest seems to think winter shouldn't exist this year except for a few days here and there. First, the flip flops. My mother in law and I went to Kohl's the other day to get some onsies for Vincent. That little boy is getting big, and his 12 month onsies are getting harder and harder to button. I spied these flip flops in passing. Kohl's knows what they're doing putting displays in the middle of the aisle. They don't impede traffic; they impede your shopping judgement. Of course I needed these sparkly numbers. Even better: The mother in law footed the bill. So sweet.

Next up: the boots. These tall glasses of water are knee-high boots I snagged on sale at Victoria Secrets. I couldn't even fit them entirely in my camera frame since I had to hold the top of them at the same time. Originally $188, I got them for a mere $58! Funny thing is that my husband got the email (he's a subscriber since he's been known to shop there—hubba hubba), and right away he said it was too good of deal to pass up. So within minutes of getting the promo Sunday, I got these beauties. I can't wait to wear them to Vincent's birthday party. I'll try to stick to "Happy Birthday," but if I bust out into "these boots were made for walking, and that's just what I'll do," don't blame me. These boots have some serious SWAG.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be your own hero

Here's a free print (11x14) I threw together. Lately, I've had a number of bad experiences that have left me disenchanted with my career and uninspired to do anything but mope and watch Netflix. I'm realizing that I need to use these opportunities to work on how I react to these situations and remain positive. I can't give up and I have to be my own hero. I have to be in charge of my destiny. I have to remember those things that are important to me and stay positive because only then can I move forward. Now enough soapboxing, go print yourself a little sign and pick yourself up.