Friday, December 2, 2011

Insta Friday

Welcome to my first ever Insta Friday post. Chance, you can stop pestering me about it now, thank you very much. Because I'm going to rock this. This week has been, well, take a look for yourself and insert your own adjective.

Road tripping it back home from Denver. I think Vincent's happy to have gotten a haircut during the trip. Check out the before we took during the trip out: 
Still cute, but maybe a little too furry. 

You talkin' to me?! You talkin' to me? Our table centerpiece gives us lip during dinner.

Vincent's school pictures. Yeah, this could be submitted to Awkward Family Pictures. Oh my. Even though they're expensive, we're going to buy one for prosperity. 

A little better but still very sad. The background is his room teacher's arm. Nice. In his defence, Vincent was sick.  Obviously he's a cute baby. See earlier picture. 

Mama got an iPhone 4GS. FaceTime here I come!

I started decorating for Christmas this week. I still haven't finished. Hopefully I'll be done before the 25th. No promises. Vincent still refuses to help.
Pretty, right? It cheers me up!

Until it doesn't. Then I write snarky, bad things on my chalkboard mug. 
And drink wine over lunch. Oh the perks of working from home. 
You'd think I'd stay in a great mood between the Christmas decorations, getting a new iPhone, AND receiving a pile of cute jeans, slacks, and tops from my sister Melissa. Clothes that fit!
She also put in this sexy bra. Bow chicka wow wow! And since I just quit nursing, I was more than happy to welcome back underwire. And sexy.
I mean, just look at how happy these girls are. At work even. (Who's thinking maybe she shouldn't drink wine? )

My husband has been bringing home flowers when he grocery shops. I'm pretty sure they're not on the list, but I love them.
When I don't work, I sometimes shop. Make that window shop. Who thinks I should buy these boots? Victoria Secret's. $89. 
The table piece is going to eat all the stars. Oh no!