Tuesday, March 3, 2015

let's recap the last couple months

It's been crazy! Isla went to daycare and proceeded to get sick and to get me sick and then to turn around and do it all over again a week later with a double ear infection. We were back to normal and then, BAM! she's getting another cold. On top of the nightly puke inducing hacking each night I think she's also teething. And in that time Vincent also had an ear infection so bad it burst his ear drum, and his ears had just been checked the week before because he was getting over an ear infection. Sleep isn't happening much. In fact the definition of that word is getting hazier each passing night.

So life has been about survival and keeping the kids on as much of a schedule as possible. So let's back up to Vincent's birthday at the end of February!

It was the birthday that seemed to go on for days because we first celebrated with family the weekend before, we celebrated with balloons the day of, his presents I ordered too late (oops!) arrived so we did those the day after, and finally he had a bowling party with friends and family the following weekend. I stressed out that I didn't have his presents the day of his birthday, but he could have cared less since I had personally blown up 30 balloons that I pelted him with when he got home that afternoon. We spent the rest of the evening playing with balloons. I guess that's the magic of a kid heart: they don't need presents and pomp and circumstance for their birthdays. It's the parents that do. Sad how we dwell on material items to fill our hearts and the hearts of our children when the best thing children can ask for is our undivided {device-free} attention.

He had a blast at his bowling party! It almost didn't happen on account of the only snow storm we had this year, and a lot of family couldn't make it up. His aunt in Colorado managed to time her trip to meet Isla that weekend so she was there to take part in the festivities.

 I ordered Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cookies and a cake. Note to self: don't order both next year! Hardly any of the cake got eaten and I even had to finish off some cookies because Vincent didn't like them. And these cookies were amazing and beautiful! I splurged on them, but who can resist a cookie iced with such detail! He had so much fun bowling that I didn't get any pictures of him with the cake. Oops. Me and that camera need to become better friends during milestones.

These two love each other so much already. Well, Isla sometimes gets annoyed Vincent gets in her face, but I can't blame him; she's a cutie! Doesn't it look like they're sharing secrets here?

Isla and I finally made it to my doula's new yoga studio. This woman is amazing and helped me bring my children into this world. She was born to help women bore their children!

We went to an Easter egg hunt. Vincent's little basket was not big enough in the end. Isla didn't really have fun.

Vincent was excited that the Easter bunny left him stuff at our house and grandma and papas! We celebrated at their house amid packing boxes and no furniture. It's the last holiday there! It was sort of bittersweet even for me. I've been with Jonathan since 1999 and have even lived in that house off and on. 

Pretty girl in her Easter dress!

On the Easter egg hunt!

Vincent was so excited this year running all around. Oh to be a kid again and find treats in the yard!


Next year Vincent is going to a new preschool and we checked it out recently. He was pretty excited about all the games and toys he saw. It made me tear up!

This girl is always smiling!

We finally did something about that crazy hair! First hair cut!

Much better, right?!

She's a part-time thumb sucker. Kind of cute. Kind of not.

Those big (still blue) eyes and that auburn hair...thanks to her grandma!