Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Currently loving (and singing along to)...

Feist. She's the one covering the new Apple ipod Nano video commercials. Her voice is a pleasant, fun mix of folk, indie, and jazz. Definitely a mood-picker-upper.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

D-day anniversary

This year's September 11th anniversary marked for me another event. Last year, the ax fell, quick and hard. I was diagnosed with MS. MS...

It was an unexpected diagnosis, especially because I had only experienced symptoms for only a short period of time. At the time I thought I had suffered a runner's injury. How wrong I was. And a month to my wedding,too.

A year later, I'm in a great place. A place I think I've been in since being diagnosed because I didn't let myself get down or throw a pity party. I gave myself one day. D-day. Then I went to work, researched everything I needed to know, got started on medication (injections, eek!), and surrounded myself with life.

I've only had one major set back, but it was a set back that made me acknowledge just how low this disease will go. I could barely walk or hold a glass to drink, and the tingling drove me mad. I armed myself with yoga, yoga, yoga, and more yoga—and my hero, my husband.

Life goes on. I do too. How lucky I am.

Lobsters mark the spot

All the right pieces for a lobster skirt (J. Crew) in the fall.

To watch: Soprano's James Gandolfini's Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq is no Italian mob documentary. Alive Day Memories gives you an inside look at those who've served their country in the Iraqi war—a true guerilla war. The loss of limbs, eyesight, and enduring other tramautic injuries may have robbed their bodies, but not their national spirit.

To read: Jane Austen's Mansfield Park.