Monday, August 29, 2011

Want to accomplish

I always have a running want-to-accomplish list in the back of my dusty brain. Here's my top 10 house want-to-dos. Maybe publishing them here will be a spark of inspiration!

1. Find more frames at garage sales and on Etsy to spray paint as part of my wall collage in my foyer. I'm doing all black frames since my walls are the color of putty and white makes the putty look garish.

2. Create art for some frames. I want to do a mix of signs, pictures, and meaningful things. Hopefully it won't become the Museum O Vincent. But could you blame me?

3. Possibly repaint the white desk in the foyer that I'm currently using as a foyer table. I'm thinking black, but maybe I should be more bold and do something unexpected. Like navy blue or tea?

4. Spray paint some wooden airplanes that were Jonathan's when he was a boy and hang them from the ceiling in Vincent's room. He's starting to be more aware so I think he'd like having something to look at over his changing table. I'm just going to paint them white to go with his furniture.

5. Make some signs to go in Vincent's room. Right now he only has his "I love you to the moon and back" print that I made him. His nursery is so boring, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it. And anymore I realized I hate rooms that are too themed. I want his room to be eclectic.

6. Sew couch pillow covers.

7. Sew curtains for the dining room.

8. Shop around for some new things to put on the mantel.

9. DIY things to put in the mantel apothecary jar.

10. Organize the pantry.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Food snooze

I've always heard how exciting it can be to give your kid their first foods. Makes sense. Food can be quite yummy and fun. But I wasn't in any rush to give Vincent food. His ped recommended waiting until 6 months and if we wanted to try anything earlier we could do rice cereal. Rice cereal=FAIL! We tried it a few times starting at 5 months, but when it made him gag so bad he puked, I threw in the towel. Or the spoon in this case. If he wasn't ready, I wasn't going to push it. I hate cleaning up puke more than I like feeding him food. So we waited until 6 months when we could give him something that didn't taste like sweet cardboard (sweet because it's mixed with breastmilk...and yes, we tasted it...don't judge).

Vincent turns 6 months this Wednesday, so we figured it was close enough. We broke out some sweet potatoes. Yum yum. Er, or not. Vincent still isn't too interested in food yet. And he still managed to gag. We'll keep trying. Just offering a couple spoonful until he can master the art of eating. I guess we should have known he wouldn't be fond of food. He's only eating 4 or 5 ounces of milk at a time. He's just not an eater. Yet.

But hey, I did get some cute pics out of it. Look at all that yummy cuteness! I think he's more fascinated with the camera than the spoon.