Friday, September 7, 2012

The motherload insta friday

OK: Let's do this! I'm late on doing last week's Insta post too. Eat it up! Don't you love getting a peek into another person's personal life?

It's perfectly acceptable for your barista to put a foam heart in your latte.

Especially when he asks if you're bringing one to a friend. Flowers in my cup? Yes, please!

This is why I brought my friend coffee. She got this for Vincent. She has my complete gratitude.

Especially when it means I can capture Vincent upright. How cute are these tiny legs? I guess he takes after his mama with chicken legs like these!

My nephew came to visit. He watched Driven while I worked and then embarrassed him with this picture. I love him so and hope I can hang out with him more before he heads off to Marine boot camp.

Why do I love my sister? Let me count the many thoughtful gifts she sends me. A wine bottle humming bird feeder! Too bad it didn't come full of wine. Can't wait to hang this bad boy outside my office window!

We went for sushi and Asian. I haven't had sushi since before I got pregnant with Vincent. It was just as good as I remembered.

And then my other nephew came to visit and Vincent had the best time hanging out with him. They even wore matching shirts to the farmstead.

This picture doesn't do the excitement face that Vincent makes with animals. He loved looking at the goats. Mama likes goats too. Guess that means we're getting a goat for a pet. Daddy?

I think Vincent could have ridden the tractor trikes all day long, but Daddy's back was tired after two lapse around.

Swinging on a wooden swing with one of your sisters is the best. 

My sister got Vincent this slide. We haven't put it outside yet because we're still working on the patio. I'm thinking about selling tickets to my indoor toddler obstacle course.

I love that this boy loves to read. "Books!" We go to the library every week.
I'm going to be a bridesmaid in my sister-in-law's wedding next summer. This is the inspiration photo of what she wants for dresses. We get to pick our own dress.

I'm thinking this dress.

I got this shamrock for my birthday in March. It's she magnificent. She was just a tiny, almost dying plant when I got her, but with some love and sun, she's my pride and joy.

Look at that smile. But look for a theme here.

We're addicted to our sippy. We got rid of our paci at 6 months, but sippies are here to stay! Whatever. If it helps him self-soothe/teeth, I'm OK with that.

I did my hair for once. I love making these curls by wrapping my hair around the barrel of the curling iron instead of twirling the curling iron around my hair. Try it sometime!

We're teaching our son all kinds of manners. Lick that last bit of yogurt out of the bowl, son!

Oh, hey Vincent! I didn't see you for that implant in your face. Oh, I guess that's just your sippy cup again.

It's hard to get a picture without our friend anymore. He's even taken to rocking and hugging it. I don't even get that kind of love!