Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Full of wonder

Vincent has been exploring as of late. This is such a blessed, wonderful thing because he's so attached to us—me in particular. Usually he doesn't let us out of his sight. But that's changing, and before you say, "Oh, just wait. You'll wish he didn't explore. He'll get into everything." Well, that's OK with me. That's how he learns! And I love to watch him learn and develop. Getting into everything is part of his development. I don't take development for granted these days. I welcome it with open arms.

In his exploring, he's found out that he can see out the back door. It's become his favorite spot. He can look out the window and spy on the neighbors, watch and clap for the birds that happen to land in our yard, and yell at the cars driving down the street. He talks the entire time. Last night I captured the wonder in his eyes. I love watching him watch the world and take it all in. Seeing it through his eyes.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

30 year bash

This past weekend my sister threw me a 30th bday fete. I got so spoiled during this party that I wished that all my family lived closer so we could have parties like this all the time. But first, let's back up so I can tell you why it was so wonderful.

This party has been in the works for a while. Maybe since I turned 29. I wanted a party when I turned 30, dammit. That's a big number! And for some reason, maybe chalk it up to all my life experience (I have more in my pinky toe than most people), I've felt 30 for a very long time. Now my age and insides would match!

When my sister asked what I wanted to do to celebrate, I think I might have said something like, "Let's put some cheese and chocolate on it." I'm talking fondue. I'm talking the creme de la creme of fondue. The one and only Melting Pot. Ever been? If you love cheese, chocolate, and sharing your food with other people, it's your thing. Watch out though; it's expensive.

Mmm. Cheese!
My sister insisted that I had to get a fun drink. A Bourbon Berry Bramble it was. Whew! It was strong!
On Saturday, after I packed up my little teething, grouchy sweet bambino to go spend the night with his grandparents (Daddy went too) so I could enjoy a day, night, and morning to myself, my entourage consisting of three sisters, two sister in laws, two friends, and three nieces headed to the Plaza to partake in melty goodness. That's a whole lot of people dipping! Oh, and a total surprise to me: I was lavished with jewels. Since I talked up the first jewelry hanger in this post, my sister's mind must have went crazy into overdrive on party planning because not only did she get me a jewelry hanger, she had everyone gift me with new jewelry! Ain't no bare hanger here. Getting ready lately isn't so much a question of what I will wear that day, but rather what jewelry to put on. It's a horrible problem to have.

My new jewelry hanger! Look at all those new baubles!

After stuffing ourselves, we were off to the Legends to get pedicures. I heart me some painted toenails and message chairs. I really need to get pedicures more often. I was really tempted to do gray toes with maybe yellow tips, but then the 80s came calling. Neon yellow it was! For a fun twist, my pedicurist (is that what they're called?) put tiger stripes on them. Meow! Happy, sassy toes for this 30 year old.

My sweet and beautiful niece Tabytha and I getting pedicures. She opted for sparkly toes that alternated every other toe. Loved it.

My toes are the ones with the flower flip flops. Hard to see, but they're sassy!

After that we headed to Charming Charlie's, not that I needed anything since I was basically handed the store in a gift bag earlier. But it was still fun to peruse. There are still some items I want, of course. I think buying jewelry might be my new thing—and dresses.

After we got our fill of baubles, those still partying vegged out with hot dogs, Mr. Pibb, pretzel bites, and popcorn in front of the big screen. I hadn't seen Hunger Games yet, and though most of my family had, they were sweet enough to go see it again with me. Spoiled I tell you! The movie was amazing. Unlike the horrible acting in Twilight, Hunger Games really got it right, sticking close enough to the book that I didn't notice the things that were left out.

The night ended back out my house. I would like to say that we stayed up and partied all night, maybe drinking Oklahoma Sparks wine and eating snacks, but that would be lie. This Mommy was tired since I usually am in bed by 9, and it was pushing midnight after a brief period of time where my sister Tami introduced us to Ed Bassmaster on YouTube. We still did knock back some raspberry iced tea in milk bottles and fun straws, courtesy of the party planner and the little snacks I did have in the house (cheddar bunnies and M&Ms).

The night ended in a delicious put-the-baby-to-bed reprieve. My king-size bed has never felt more relaxing. And waking up without the bambino was a gift in and of itself.

It was a wonderful party. Not sure why anyone would be afraid to turn the big three oh when it's a great excuse to party.