Friday, September 6, 2013

A little of this and that

Oh, hello there. I'm climbing out from my writing/editing/reading rock. For the past several weeks I have had endless freelance {thank you freelance god!}, which consumed my evenings after I had picked up Vincent, made dinner, eaten dinner, and then did the bedtime routine with him. No complaints here because I'm loving me the money {and even the work when I'm not exhausted from working all day, then working some more}.

We have managed to get a couple exciting things done around the house: install a new kitchen faucet {in love, can't stop staring} and put hardware on our kitchen cabinets. We still need to buy drawer pulls; we only need four, but I think I've finally narrowed it down to a Martha Stewart one {of course}. I really wanted to do the cup handle, but Jonathan had to have an opinion. He wants a handle that doesn't require you to grasp it one particular way to open it. He rarely has an opinion {except to say I'm right}, so I'm relenting on this one. 

He was so happy I made him finally install hardware on the cabinets, asking why we didn't do it three years ago. Doesn't it look like the hardware has always been there? My next goal for the house is pricing some light fixtures to replace some cheap, peeling boob lights. 

Excuse the messes in these pictures {just keeping it real} and the unfinished faucet install pic, was so excited I forgot to get another one. 
And just because {and the new faucet in the background when you can tear your eyes away from that adorable kid}: