Monday, December 31, 2012

She saw the art her world needed and hung it

One of my most favorite gifts this Christmas was from my sister. These wonderfully inspiring sayings for women. It's a fitting gift not only because 2013 is said to be the era of the feminine, but I'm a work in progress. Isn't that all women? I don't think men continually take stock of their lives the way we do. But back to the art work. My sister gave me five framed prints. I'll have to ask where she got them in case they inspire you too.
To hang the wall collage of prints, I took newspaper from my recycle pile and setting the frame on top, I cut fairly rough shapes of the frame. Then I flipped the frame over, lined the paper up with it, and then using a pen, punched a small hole through the paper where the nail hanger was at. That way I could just use that hole to hammer my nail into the wall once I got my newspaper templates right where I wanted them. I used frog tape on the back so I could adjust the arrangement without to much fuss. It's the best but less exact method to hanging picture collages. I'm in love with the end product.
I still need to paint the walls a deep gray and hang my gallery wire above the collage.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just like this

Seems like I'm always dreaming of a life with more and better. Better job. More decorations. More clothes. Better hair. Better Mama. Better wife. I dream of this world where everything is exactly where and how I want it to be, but if that happened, wouldn't I be done with life?! So instead I'm taking a look around at my life and wanting it to be just like this. Just like this.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

What I got for Christmas

This Christmas was mainly about Vincent. I was sad he was so grouchy. On Monday we woke up and wanted to open presents right then. He opened one halfway and started bawling. Food first then. He was grouchy off and on that day. Between waking up early from his cough, not getting in good naps (cough again), teething, not eating well, and finally, all the people he didn't know but who wanted to hold him, he wasn't the exuberant child I imagined on Christmas Day. Maybe next year. Maybe we'll also make it a priority to bring the pack and play along so he can take a decent nap. In spite of all that, our Christmas Eve dinner party and Christmas was wonderful. Here's what I got:
• a collection of jewel-toned inspirational sayings to hang in my office (thanks sis!) I'm going to hang them today, so look for that picture.
• a journal
• Starbucks! There is nothing more inspiring than coffee.
• lotion, lip balm, nail file, and cuticle oil (I love pampering gifts!)
• pjs (two sets!)
• a sweater (needs to be returned...the husband failed!)
• bra and undies (the girls and the goddess are happy!)
• money to get a passport (headed to Canada this summer possibly)
• a pearl necklace and earrings (thanks honey!)
• a blingy bracelet set (my mother in law did good)
• wonderful ornaments (only four this year: a custom made one from my sister that I plan to hang in the office, the Hallmark Christmas radio countdown I had been wanting, a Hungarian egg, and a beautifully knotted ribbon wreath that I'm told was inspired from the pages of Martha Stewart new magazine subscription for the year!)
• a blanket for the air mattress Jonathan received
• young house love's book (my BF knows me so well)
• bath salts and truffles (mmmmm!)

I can't believe how thoughtful all my gifts were! It makes me inspired for next season!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

It's Vincent's second Christmas and boy is it wildly different from last year. Last year he was still a baby baby and drinking formula from a bottle. This year it's what do we feed him that he'll actually eat and keeping him entertained while I cook. Thank goodness for Curious George! The thyme and parmesan roasted sweet potatoes, kale and bacon Mac n cheese, wine braised brisket, and pumpkin crescent rolls were a smashing success! Well, for all the adults anyhow. Vincent wouldn't eat anything after all the crackers he ate. Typical.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Presents under the tree

My sweet sister sent us a box full to the brim with lovely packages. What joy to place them under the tree. Vincent wasn't as happy about it. #mamaletmeopenthem

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oh, to have captured this moment

Today was a hard day. Vincent was home sick. He has a cough. It's nothing major. Except a cough for him means vomit. Cringe. He's always been a gagger so anything that could trigger that reflex does. Today when he puked on me it illicited an "uh oh" on his part. At least he showed the decency to feel bad. The coughing and puking has continued on into this evening, so we took him into our bathroom to hopefully steam out that cough. To distract him, we opened up the cabinets. Daddy got five tampons and I got one. If only I had the camera.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Put everything aside

Friday was without a doubt a horrific tragedy for the community of Newton. I'm not going to write about gun control or anything else political because to be further separated by opinion is not what we need right now. I ask that we all put our thoughts and opinions aside and we embrace our neighbor. That we show absolute strangers who may cut in front of us in long lines as we do our holiday shopping a smile and tell them to go ahead. That we act on peace instead of rage. Be thankful, happy, and exude an air of love for all those around you not only now but through the new year. All we need is love...

Friday, December 14, 2012

Insta it up in here!

O.M.G! It's Friday! This week felt like I was back in college during finals week. It was that stressful. The stress: work (I won't bore you with the details), Vincent had ear tubes put in, and a mega interview. My dream job interview. I prepped and planned like I needed an 'A.' Thing is: I know I could do this job. But: me and my ineloquent mouth. My brain shuts off, my mouth goes dry, and I want to hide behind my miserable job I already have. But I tried my best. I really did. I am one of 12 being interviewed out of the 110 applicants. Just getting the interview is pat enough on the back and really tells me I got the chops.

So glad Friday is over and I can kick it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Insta Friday (rewind edition)

Let's pretend I had my crap together last week and that I wasn't super crazy and super busy with a side of totally stressed out. Dig deep. Put your fairy godmother shoes on, sprinkle fairy dust, and it'll work. On with the show.

This tree is seriously my favorite. It's nothing fancy. I bought it at K-Mart when I was in college. The theme then was blue and white. I know, I puke a little too thinking about that now. Since then it's gotten simpler deckings. A couple years ago I bought a little package of funky fun shatter proof balls from Target. And even without lights, it's still magical. Sweet and simple.
It's become a tradition for my mother in law to go shopping together for Christmas outfits for the whole family. Vincent made out like a spoiled bandit with three Christmas T-shirts, a preppy argyle sweater and jeans, an adorable pair of black corded overalls with a train, as well as a set of Christmas PJs. Jonathan got a green plaid button up shirt, a red crew neck sweater, and nice gray undershirt. And me? Well, I got this amazing fur-trimmed red vest, a gray striped sweater to go under the vest along with a red cami. I can't wait to rock it. 

Here I am now modeling my best sultry snow bunny look for you. Meow!
After all that shopping, I was sick the next day. The boys hung out together. I'm sorry for the grain on this picture, but aren't they cute eating dinner together? My heart swells seeing them together. 

One of the funniest memories is my sister arguing that she saw a kangaroo in my uncle's yard when she was little. Um, sweetie, we lived in Missouri, not the outback. Allow me to introduce to you what a hare looks like. It's also called a jack rabbit. Glad we can put that argument to rest and perhaps throw in a geography lesson.
Vincent and I sometimes spend our time together in the evenings playing with Playdoh. Actually, he demands I form balls and then he holds them. Any other shapes are out of line. Here's my artistic abilities as demonstrated with his babies, Pig and Baa.

Riveting stuff right here.

He's such a grump.  
To conclude, this is what my life has been looking like lately. Just wanting to keep it real. Quite a lovely mess, and when you work from home, it drives you to the point of insanity and you use your breaks to clean and about claw your husband's eyes out when he steps through the door. It is his fault, after all.

Til next this Friday! Keep it real. 

Little big shot

My tiny man is getting ear tubes today. I'm ambivalent about it, mainly because I don't think putting kids under is a good idea. But the benefits outweigh my mama duckling concern.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Did you know I'm addicted to Facebook? [Holds up hand] I, Jessaca G., have an addiction to Facebook. I'm not sure why because rarely does anyone post anything riveting. At least, not anymore. Not like they used to. It's almost as if social media etiquette has taken hold or the allure has grown dusty. I can't say I post as often as I used to and when I do you can just about bet it's of my son. Sad, but true. He's my life. Simple as that.

I digress. Lately, the ads have gotten to me. Those tiny little thumbnail ads are clever. They speak to me in a why no other advertising has. I'm almost immune to such antics. Well, unless you're JCPenney's (have you looked at their sales ads recently?), Starbucks, or Target cuz then we're quite friendly. On first name basis if you will. They might even know me as Jess or Jessie, and I'd be OK with that cuz we're tight. Anyway, those ads. They've captured me, and my most recent click as on the Terrain ad.


Simple. Stately. Classy. Cozy.

Expensive. But window shopping is free. So I do it often.

But what really got me was their emails. They're not bold. They don't scream at you in big fonts and bright colors. They make the designer in my sigh with lust.

They captured my heart with muted, understated photography and amazing product you don't see anywhere else. It's a shop that really does make me go: Oh, the holidays could be simple if I let it be.

That red door. Those little twinkle lights. That tree stump.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Buffet lust

I have a love-hate relationship with West Elm. I love their stuff. I hate the prices. I've been really thinking lately now when I get a new job is the time to buy a buffet because I'm sick of not having a place to store certain serving items and they're stealing room in my regular cabinets that I could be using more efficiently. I realize this isn't a real problem, like say, running out of wine, but I have an addiction to bookcases and storage furniture. Oh, and I love decorating flat surfaces, especially during the wintertime. People tell me I should look at thrift stores and garage sales, but people, I can't look online at those buffets.

Source: via Jessaca on Pinterest

Monday, December 3, 2012

Busy randomness

Things 'round here have been busy y'all! This month's goals were: blog, journal, and knit every night. Guess what's not been happening? But it's not for the lack of trying, and I've still got time to turn this ship around.

I've been applying for new jobs (fingers crossed) and doing freelance work. Ick and ick. But I need to make more money and I need a new venture in life. I've been at the same job for 7 years, and while it's treated me well and I've learned more than most people learn in probably two decades, it's time to move on. I just hope I can impress some people after two years of working from home. My people skills are lacking from the general lack of people.

My holiday decorating is still undone. Every time I go to execute this flawless, brilliant plan in my head it turns out crapaticular. Then I get frustrated, stressed, and I give up. It's a cycle.

My holiday shopping and wrapping are also undone. And this year I want produce some "Wows" in the wrapping department. I'm thinking craft paper, bakers twine, homemade tags. Again, it's all in my head and the inside of my head is brilliant (someone should hire it). If only I could put them to the page like I imagined, I'd be so much happier. I guess, in a way, decorating is much like writing. No wonder I procrastinate.

And because I in nonstop dreaming of pepperminty Christmas mode, here are some recent pins I have a hankering for: