Wednesday, September 12, 2007

D-day anniversary

This year's September 11th anniversary marked for me another event. Last year, the ax fell, quick and hard. I was diagnosed with MS. MS...

It was an unexpected diagnosis, especially because I had only experienced symptoms for only a short period of time. At the time I thought I had suffered a runner's injury. How wrong I was. And a month to my wedding,too.

A year later, I'm in a great place. A place I think I've been in since being diagnosed because I didn't let myself get down or throw a pity party. I gave myself one day. D-day. Then I went to work, researched everything I needed to know, got started on medication (injections, eek!), and surrounded myself with life.

I've only had one major set back, but it was a set back that made me acknowledge just how low this disease will go. I could barely walk or hold a glass to drink, and the tingling drove me mad. I armed myself with yoga, yoga, yoga, and more yoga—and my hero, my husband.

Life goes on. I do too. How lucky I am.

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