Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving (is) past

I did it! I made homemade pies! Besides burning my thumb on the oven door (It's pretty nasty looking now because I didn't have time to cool it down.), my cheery cherry pie and toasty pumpkin pie came out of the oven beautifully (Thanks sis for your tutelage). I felt like a proud mama. It seems I no longer have a black thumb when it comes to baking. I even got hubby's stamp of approval and a "When you making me another cherry pie?" So all is well. My faith in baking is restored.

To finish out the traditional Thanksgiving holiday, we put up our tree. I jokingly refer to it as our Charlie Brown tree, because it's a bit on the sparse side, but the lights and an ornament on just about every limb (another story) make it sparkle.

Should you want to see our tree (I don't think anyone even saw it last year), I invite you to come to our'll give me an excuse to bake another pie.

Looking for a wreath for my front door. This one from Fiori Belli looks inviting.

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