Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The reluctant hostess

I've never "entertained" before. The mere word frightens me. How can I, a homebody, book-reading, card-making, TV-aholic knitter, entertain anyone? I look to be entertained. So, when I came across Amy Sedaris' book, I was intrigued. Maybe that's the exact approach I need to take to entertaining.

The In Laws keep asking when I'm going to have them over for dinner. Maybe a slight alcohol buzz would make the whole ordeal easier to bear if I didn't take it so seriously. I'm buying this book. I hope it gives me the courage (liquid or otherwise) I need. What could go wrong? Well, they could always remark on my dingy, stained carpet...

Monday, April 9, 2007

Briefly a model

On Saturday I became (and probably never again) an underwear model. I thought I'd chicken out, or feel really self conscious when I arrived at the photo shoot. But the underwear covered more than my swim suit, and everyone was really nice and professional. Of course the wine helped, and went straight to my head, but I cut myself off at half a dixie cup (I'm a lightweight.).

I ended up wearing a pair of undies with a horse patch on the front. It made me think of Amigo, the horse I rode while honeymooning in Kauai. Ah, Amigo...I even sang him a little diddy. I think we bonded. So now I'm christening my whitie tighties The Amigo in honor of the first (and probably the last) horse I ever rode.

Twitteringmachine (the ingenius creator of the undies) even gave me a pair of Scotty Dogs for my galloping efforts during the shoot. I only wished I had had a stick horse and a cowgirl hat.

Friday, April 6, 2007

In the name of friendship, and free underwear

Tomorrow I'll be igniting my modeling career, or rather my butt will be. Don't worry M.O.M., I'll be wearing underwear.

A friend at work is taking her creative prowess to the next level and starting up an Etsy.com business, selling her decorated under duds to the masses. And those in her circle who lack the prudishness will be helping out as models. Me and 15 or so girls will be stripping down to whitie tighties all in the name of friendship. That and we get to keep the said garments as our own. Score! I hope to model the Scotty Dog emblazoned underwear. Classy.