Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hermann top 10

This past week was spent in Hermann, Mo., with Jonathan to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. If you aren't familiar with Hermann, it's the heart of Missouri wine country. We stayed at a little B&B, sleeping in til 9 everyday...just in time for an amazing breakfast. We ate our way through this little town that now has a special place in my heart. Without further adieu, here's my Hermann Top :

10. The wine. I put this at 10 just because it's a given. We visited a winery just about everyday. My favorite winery was Hermanhoff. It's in downtown Hermann. Followed closely is Stone Hill. Their cellars were amazing. Our guide joked that if a tornado happened by, we'd be safe...and happily filled with wine. I also got the chance to see Independent Stave Company wine barrels up close. A little bit a familial pride swelled my heart each time I'd see ISC's stamp.
9. German School Museum and Clock Tower. The clock tower was the source of amusement because it was an hour and five minutes off. Five minutes because none of the clock winders in town are skilled enough to make it more precise, and an hour because we're still in daylight savings time, but the clock isn't. Very handy clock. The school itself (the clock was added later) was a sturdy and surprisingly strong structure. Gotta hand it to those Germans; they're resourceful. In the museum our a great many items that have been donated, included a Adolf Hitler propaganda book, which is really, really rare. The hair art was a little bizarre, but Jonathan enjoyed the WWI era swords.
8. Blanche's. I have a pickle ornament. All my very own. I was also tempted to buy a melted wine bottle. Part art, part recycling genius, but I figured it was just one more knick knack I didn't need or have room for. Jonathan scored a double wine bottle carrier complete with a cutting board and knife. Our picnics will be complete now.
7. Back Home Again. Cute store across the street from where we were staying. Apple butter. Pumpkin butter. That's all I have to say about that.
6. The Vintage Restaurant. This was Stone Hill winery's restaurant that was in it's old barn. The old stables were even made into oversized booths. Vintage features a range of German food, but because it was only lunch, I wanted to eat light. Plus, I had my eye on the mushroom burger with provolone. The only person I know who makes this, does it perfectly. Amanda, you have competition in Hermann. Jonathan had a purely German experience. He chose the schnitzel with a German potato salad and pancake with apple sauce.
5. Montague's BBQ. Just across the street from where we were staying. I had their baked potato soup with a dijon drenched spinach salad for lunch. I didn't know what I liked more. We also tried the BBQ for dinner before leaving, but being thisclose to Kansas City BBQ, it left a lot to be desired. The potato salad was a kicker though. It was like eating mustard, garlic-flavored mashed potato. It was surprisingly good.
4. Europa. This restaurant is where we celebrated our actual wedding anniversary. We had to make reservations. And we arrived at the house-converted-to-restaurant, we had I feeling we'd be only ones dining that night. I jabbered my head off to Jonathan to make up for the quietness. Forget what you read or what you see on TV, having the place to yourself isn't really romantic. You feel like you are center stage. I did enjoy my filet mignon (medium rare, just for you Amanda), potatoes, and the best steamed broccoli ever. Followed by flourless chocolate cake.
3. Downtown Deli and Custard Shoppe. We didn't sample the custard, but the I tried the recommended chicken salad on croissant, but it's what it came with that made it one of a kind: homemade potato chips. Crunchy, salty, and Lay's doesn't have anything on them.
2. The Pie. Just a hop, skip, and jump past the German School Museum right beside our B&B was a little slice of Heaven: Time for Pie. This tiny little nook served all kinds of coffee drinks and, of course, pie. They're opened daily, but we only made it twice. I had the an amazing slice of blackberry pie, and later a slice of apple pie. The also offered brats and soup (which was amazing as well.)
1. The Chocolate Box. Chocolate. Homemade chocolate. It's good, and tasty, and in Hermann, Mo. My favorite was the fist-size peanut butter cup full of real peanut buttery goodness.


  1. How romantic! I am so happy that you had such a whimsical week all to yourselves! I love that you guys take the time to enjoy life with such adventures!

  2. A your waiter that evening, I'm so glad you enjoyed your evening, as well as your meal. Sorry about not having more people, but perhaps your compliments on our establishment well help bring people in to fill our tables! Happy anniversary!

  3. Hermann is a great getaway. We visit there three or four times a year.

  4. hubby and i love hermann!!

    you named some of our favorites too - especially the chocolate box!! yum!