Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dream home

Day two of house hunting, and I in love with the first house we looked at during day one. It has a family room with fireplace with a white mantel. A mantel I can decorate for every holiday. I can buy those Christmas garlands I'm always longing for in the Pottery Barn catalog. It has a formal dining room that could hold a buffet and a table comfortablely (at least in my head. No measurements have been taken. Yet.). It has a mature tree in the front yard that I got to witness changes to a beautiful yellow in the autumn and fills the yard with an abundance of leaves I don't even want to bother with raking because they look like they belong there. There are already planters that I can fill with flowers. Right now all I can see is autumn, so that means filling the yard with deep red, pumpkiny orange, and bright yellow mums. The kitchen is updated, and I can easily see my Rosanna vino plates decorating the wall over what is a kitchen island of sorts. I see the cookies and pies I want to bake in that kitchen. I see the fires I'm going to learn how to build in the family room. I see the family and friends I'm gong to have over. I see the family I want to raise there. I see my home. My dream home.

In the back of my mind, I keep hoping that none of the other homes we look at will top this one. Because I'm in love. Utterly and absolutely.


  1. Love it! I can't wait to visit whatever your dream home ends up being to indulge in baked goods and drool over your home decor.

  2. Then why haven't you made an offer silly!

  3. yipppeee for dream homes :)

    can't wait to see pics!!