Sunday, March 14, 2010

House update: OMG! It's yellow!

We ventured out in the rain on Saturday to go see our house. I was expecting to see counter tops and bathroom floors, instead I got lighting fixtures, paint, and a panic attack.

Harvester is more sunny yellow than I was expecting. I think I can learn to like it, because, honestly, I think the panic attack is due more to living in white boxes my whole life. My eyes are virgins when it comes to seeing color on the walls. So after some anxiety filled picture texts to my sister, I was talked back from running screaming to the nearest store to pick out a new paint.

And those lighting fixtures? They're nice. The entire time I was freaking out over the yellow, Jonathan was exclaiming how much he liked the lighting fixtures. He was even sending pictures of them to his mom. Excuse me? The walls?! What do you think of the walls?! He's a true guy, and said that he didn't mind the yellow. Doesn't mind or doesn't care? Deep breaths, crazy lady!


  1. It is absolutely b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. It will look so different with the floors and furniture...and dramatic drapes. It will be just how you imagined and daydreamed it would be. Simmer down sista. I love it. Your passionate freak out will soon turn to a passionate love for every aspect of your first house...including your sunny walls. & if not, I'll paint A LOT when I am out in May.

  2. I like the yellow! Especially with the white trim. It will be a happy, yet calming, place to be. Congrats again :)


  3. Hahaha - just remember that yellow happens to be Chance's favorite color. I do agree that you will adjust though and it always does look different furnished so I think all will be well....granted I said I would adjust to the color in my family room and I still don't like it (it is too light) but the best thing about paint is that it can always be redone and it is cheap. =) Congrats on the house - Cant wait to see it finished!

  4. Your home is really coming together and looking nice! The yellow will make it so much brighter with the sunshine. Once you move in, the walls are yours to do as you please! Congrats again!