Monday, August 9, 2010

Taming of the shrew: Home edition

We have a new friend. His name is Vinny. His past residence: our egress window well. His occupation: whatever shrews do.

One of my favorite things is to look into our oh so deep and wide window well to see what animals might fallen in. So far, we've had Larry the frog and Quincy the baby snapping turtle. When I saw Vinny, I first I thought he was a mole. But upon further research, we discovered he's a shrew.

And although I gave him the moniker Vinny with all the tender loving care of a mama, Jonathan liked calling him something that rhymed with Ducker. Our house is colorful to say the least. You see, Vinny wasn't necessarily doing anything down in that pit of ours. I was more concerned the thing was going to dig his way to the bottom and starve to death in his attempt to escape. And at first, we weren't even certain he was alive, but with a little nudge from a long pole, he scampered around. It's ALIVE! I was actually pretty excited about the creature, and me being me tried to get it to move around bit more by throwing a weed at it. Oh, my bad. The thing just raced to the side of the wall and jumped up into our siding. Christening him Ducker from Jonathan. It wasn't until then that we researched what he was to find out exactly what we need to do to get rid of him. That is if he came out of his hidey hole.

He eventually did come out, and the meantime we let him be while we trekked to Home Depot to get a live trap. The trap turned out to be unnecessary since the trap was for a mouse and shrews, once Jonathan got a closer look at him, are a little bigger. Plan B: find a box. It was now dark outside, so armed with a flashlight, we coaxed him on the lid of the box—once he quit playing like he was a rock! Then we walked across the street to the woods by our house and Jonathan launched him into the woods. Farewell Vinny!

Now we're making plans to prevent animals and humans from falling in. We really don't aspire to play Noah.

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