Monday, September 27, 2010

I've lost my edge

Something happened when I got pregnant. The world seemed to stop as I know it. There's been almost no yoga, no house gushing and decorating, and minimal socializing. Now I'm just deciding what I want this blog to be and what I want to say in it. I have projects in my head that I so want to complete, but I have niether the money (kids are expensive) or the talent. I think the baby has sucked up my creativity. Here's on my to-do list nonetheless, should the inclination return:

1. Buy an area for the great room (I love calling it a great room. So much more greater to say, don't you think?)
2. Buy a sideboard for the dining room.
3. Buy a console table for the foyer.
4. Buy an ottoman for the great room.
5. Buy some fall decorations!
6. Buy some sort of structure to go around the egress window well so wildlife quit falling in and dying.
7. Organize the chaos that is the office.

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