Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Narrowing down the buffet

The dining room area is still in need of a buffet, and finding the perfect one is, well, it's perfect so of course it's gonna be hard. Every now and then I peek around online to see if anything new has turned up that fits our budget and has both drawers and shelves. In the drawers, I'd like to store our current can't-stick-in-the-dishwasher silverware. It's a pretty set, but it's a pain the hiney to have hand-wash them every week. And with a baby on the way, I think replacing that set for a cheap set that can go quickly be washed in the dishwasher will save me some time and sanity. I need the shelves to store my rather extensive platter and serving bowl collection. I do love me some Pampered Chef!

Here's what I found in my latest scavenger hunt. I would rather the wine glass area be another drawer, but I think I could put a basket in that area since I don't think the hooks could hold all my wine glasses. And they have a happy home in my cabinets anyways.

The plus is that the look matches my new dining room table, and should I ever get tired of the color, I think it could be changed up a bit with a coat of paint. And for $365, it's not as pricey as some of the other options I've looked at.

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