Thursday, January 20, 2011

Travel plans

No, not now with the bambino business happening, and probably not for a while unless you count inevitable road trips to see the family in the future. I've been flipping through my latest issue of Travel + Leisure, and when I should be thinking about my forthcoming nugget to snuggle and care for, I'm thinking about travel. Places I want to go with Jonathan. Thinking about when I can go to these places with Jonathan. The fact that I'm reading Parents magazine at the same time illustrates the dicotomy of today's mothers. Can I get a "Hell yeah!"?

On my international travel list:
Egypt: Ever since 6th grade when we learned about Egypt and its pyramids, I've fancied myself an Egyptologist. I even made a paper mache King Tut mask for a project, and I have to say, I wish I still had it. My craftmanship was quite extraordinary.
Ireland: I have a thing for wide open spaces; it's why I love the Midwest as much as I do.
England: For its charm.
Italy: Do I really need to explain this one?
France: To put all my years of studying the language to good use. I know I'll fail, but at least I'll have tried.
Jamaica: It always just looks so pretty. Really any island would do as long as it's not incredibly touristy. I hate crowds and I love seeing things off the beaten path. Oh, and nature.

On my national travel list:
Nantucket: I have a thing for coasal cottage living. I dream of owning a vacation closet here.
North Carolina: The pictures always make it look so beautiful.
Maine and/or Connecticut: Again, picturesque.
Chicago: Just to say I've been.
Seattle and Portland: I think if I ever were to move to a big city, it'd have to be one of these two. I haven't ever been, but for some reason they already speak to me. I love rain. Must be my water-loving Pisces heart.
Montana and/or Wyoming: I don't know why. Must be the wide open spaces.

Places I could care less about:
New York: Crowds-hate. Theater-not particularly fond of. About the only thing I'd go for is to see it in the fall, the art museums, and the architecture.
California: Just not big on California in general. I know I'd probably enjoy the wine country, but this state just isn't for me.

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