Friday, February 8, 2013

Insta TGIF

This week wasn't crackling with lots of happenings. It was more Operation: Lets Get Back On Routine. You cannot slack on routine with a kid. Unless you want to pay with sleep deprivation. Extreme deprivation, at all levels.

I think we might be starting a new tradition in our house where the first Friday of the month we get Papa Murphy's. You can get a giant Cowboy (pizza, not a man, shucks) for $13. Vincent enjoyed watching the pizza get made. I enjoyed not having to drum up dinner. The added bonuses: Vincent likes to spear things with a fork. Pizza=spearable. Also: it was one dinner and two lunches. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Vincent is reaching his ornery stage of toddlerhood. We're talking pushing boundaries, not backing down when told no, testing the limits of gravity on the couch. Someone is bound to get hurt. It'll probably end up being me. Just look at that face. What's he planning?!

Remember how I me mentioned the need for routine? Well, one of the reasons is this: falling asleep playing wherever, whenever. Why? We've been waking up in the middle of the night. Schedule out of whack! Yes, it's cute and adorable that I captured such a sweet face. But it's a sweet face that should be resting in a crib an hour from this photo, not falling asleep wrestling dad on the floor and using his belly as a pillow.

I broke out my bread maker. It's been seriously under used. It may have even been covered under an inch of dust. Imagine me covering my face in shame. But that changes now. I had all the ingredients to make whole wheat bread. It was amazing. A little too dense, but amazing. I will never again look at store bought bread the same way. I plan on making jalapeƱo cheese bread next. Yum!

Super Bowl Sunday was a party at B's house. Apparently Aunt B and Vincent were prepared for the black out. And Vincent partied like an animal. He chased B's poor dog around, did some dancing, got complimentary airplane rides, and enjoyed staying up way past his bedtime. Mama and Daddy paid for it.

I finally whipped out the paints for Vincent. We used the Color Wonder set. I wasn't impressed. They smelled bad and it was hard to see what you were doing because, like the markers, the color takes a while to develop. I did learn Vincent loves to paint.

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