Friday, October 18, 2013

Bonfire, pumpkins, and hayrides

This past weekend my side of the family got together, more on account of my dad buying a lake house and spending the weekend there (which sadly, I hardly took any pictures of...bummer), but before we did that my sister Rebecca put together a sweet large bonfire. It was out in the middle of her new husband's (congrats!) pasture. They put out hay bales (so fitting, right) and pumpkins. We gathered around the fire, the kids took Gator and mini back hoe rides (when in rome), we ate turkey chili and grilled hotdogs over the open fire and so many other good foods that made me have to pop my button (you know you do it too). There was even apple bobbing that was more splash party for some (I'm looking at you Brody Bear!) And when the sun went down, we had a hayride through the pasture. If it sounds like something out of Martha Stewart Living, it could have been. It was so fun and really made me think how special family is, and how I'm glad that my family loves to get together and enjoy each other company. There isn't any drama. Just enjoying all the kids, laughing, and occasionally picking the hay out of your butt—I'm not kidding, we were all picking. I even got a few pictures, but I won't share here. I fear retaliation.

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