Sunday, January 11, 2015

All true

1. I think babies are cute. From a distance. Although Isla is my last baby and I know I should be savoring her babyness, I can't wait until she's Vincent's age. I do love it when she looks at me and smiles though. That's pretty fantastic.
2. Breastfeeding isn't my favorite this time. With Vincent I loved nursing and was sad when my baby was no longer thriving. Vincent and I made it 9 months. Now I contemplate switching to formula everyday, but then I remember I'm saving money and I'll be paying for another kid in daycare soon. We'll see how long I last. 
3. Sometimes I don't change Isla's clothes for a couple days. 
4. I'm praying for my coffee maker to die (it's 8 years old), so I can buy a Nespresso machine.
5. I'm already thinking about what I want for my birthday. In March. I'll be 33. Wow. I don't feel 33. These days I probably look it. Hello under eye circles. 
6. I think about a beach vacation everyday. And sometimes at night when a certain someone wakes me or another one starts snoring loudly. 
7. My attention span is really short these days and I get bored quickly with whatever I'm doing. I need to figure out how to focus. I'm also incredibly impatient. 
8. My car is 10 years old this year. It needs to hold out for another year. I think I'm going to hop on the SUV bandwagon again. I'll be sad to see my Scion xA go. I have a thing for tiny cars. I've never met a parking spot I couldn't fit.
9. I received my quarterly IRA statement this week. I'm fascinated with it looking at it. I don't get numbers and economics, but I'm always calculating how much more my account will grow. It makes me a little obsessive about retirement.
10. Speaking of retirement, I think I want to buy a tiny home and plop it on a sliver of land close to the beach. Are there tiny home retirement beach communities? If not, I'm starting one! 

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  1. 6. I'm dreaming of my beach vacation, too. Though mine is planned for my 40th birthday, which is coming up for me a lot sooner than yours ;)
    8. I had a hard time switching to an SUV from our Honda Fit. But now I can't imagine going back. It's so much nicer to belt in your kids standing upright than leaning down. We're working on getting Liam to belt himself in...just in time for our infant to arrive!
    10. I have a show for you! Tiny House Hunting on FYI. They totally make tiny houses on the beach for retirement. That's my dream, too. Except James says I'll be living in it by myself when I go down for the winters. I'm cool with that.