Sunday, May 3, 2015

What we're eating this week

OK, so I thought I'd try out posts telling you what my menu is for the week ahead? Why? One: so I can look back at it myself for meal ideas I sometimes forget about, and two: give you ideas for your menu. I love knowing what other people eat. I'm so indecisive and sometimes recipes are no help in telling you how pallatable or easy to prepare it is. Here are two things you should know about what I cook: I go for uncomplicated recipes, and most meals have meat. 

Sunday: Rotissorie chicken, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, and green beans

Monday: Hamburgers, Tator tots, and baked beans

Tuesday: Crock-pot beef and whole wheat egg noodles, steamed carrots

Wednesday: Breaded chicken, spaghetti, and mixed veggies

Thursday: Chicken stirfry and fried rice

Friday: Hot dogs and corn

Saturday: Flounder, brown rice, and asparagus 

Lunches this week: chicken salad on croissants, soups, and leftovers

Happy eating! 

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