Saturday, January 20, 2007

On a roll again

Last weekend granted me three whole days to whip up some recipes I've been itching to try.

First off: peach-glazed pork chops (Thanks for the recipe Amanda!). I never knew that pork chops could be so rich, but when you have the syrup from a can of sliced peaches and peach preserves mixed with Dijion mustard, well, you get the idea. They were so good that dear husband wants me to make them again. That's what I call a hit!

To accompany the pork chops, we had sea salt and lime fries. These are by far the best, tastiest fries I've ever eaten. Did I mention they were easy too? Just slice up a pototoe into wedges (pick desired number of pototoes), coat with olive oil, season with sea salt and fresh ground pepper, and bake. After that, season to taste (the more pepper, the better). I put my fries in a cute square Pampered Chef dish. I wedged a lime and squeezed the juice over the top and sprinkled with parmasan cheese. I used the two remaining lime wedges as garnish. The were very sophisicated, scrummptious fries. I owe a large thank you for sharing such a treat.

Last, but most important of all: I finally made chocolate ganache. What did this rich topping top? Peanut butter-filled chocolate cupcakes of course! (You can find the recipe here, but I warn you: It's not for the faint baker heart.) I baked all day on Monday (my poor aching feet). I was determined to get these right and share with my coworkers, especially after the cake catastrophe. They turned out perfect. At least they did when I remade the entire batch because I added just a touch too much baking power to the first bit of batter. It was good practice, but I have to say, I don't think I'll be baking anytime soon this month. Next month, I'll be making dessert for my mother-in-law's birthday. Hmmm, what to make, what to make?

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