Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm neglectful, but a fine writer

You'd think with a new year I would be resolved to write here everyday. Guess what? I'm human, and honestly I didn't have anything to write about. Well, that's probably not true, nor would I want you to believe I'm that boring that, in a span of 18 days, nothing happens in my life. (Regretfully, I think it's true.)

For the new year, I've made a rather extensive resolution list. Among the resolutions are yoga and writing more (beyond the job-related prose), so to help me along with these missions, I purchased two books: Om Yoga and The Pocket Muse. Both books are well crafted and I think they will help me with my new year's quest. So far: yoga 3, writing 0. (Writing: 1, if you count this blog entry.) Not too bad, but not particularly a good start. But I do have the whole rest of the year.

One thing that will help progress the writing front: a new computer, a laptop. In coming months, I may be purchasing this beauty. (I say may because my husband or I sometimes change our minds, so invariably, when it comes to something we thought we had decided, we back out. Not particularly strong suit, but then again, you can't say that we make rash decisions. That's a mark of maturity, some would say. I think it's a mark of an indecisive mind. Bad trait, I think.) For a while now, I've often felt that if I had a laptop (with wireless connectivity) that I could easily tote with me, sit on the couch with, curl up in bed with, I'd be a far better and more motivated writer, churning out prose by the page. If that does happen, well, I expect the biggest audience will be the fine one, two, three, maybe five of you who actually take the time to read this blog. If that's the case, it's my family, so don't they have to tell you what fine writer you are no matter what kind of crap you churn out?

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