Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sitting time

Touched down in Denver today for a little visit with one of the siblings. Going to ring in the New Year with some much needed family time only minus the husband because well, I reckon he'd rather be at home with his football and the stack of DVDs and books Santa left him.

I did manage to drag the husband to P.S. I Love You on Friday, and I'm so glad we did. I give that movie three thumbs up. Of course the movie theater was full of women (there was a couple husbands in the crowd). The movie is basically about moving on after you lose the one you love. You could hear sniffles and the rustling of tissues all around. It was that touching, and full of relationship stuff that even both hubby and I can relate to.

Among them is feeling like despite being ready physically and emotionally for things such a house, we aren't there financially. Of course there are probably many young couples sitting in the same darn boat with us. The hardest part is that we've had a hard few years between me finding a job where the boss has somewhat of a spine, paying for a huge wedding, and then it seems medical bill after medical bill. All the while we keep wondering how we can save for house, pay our debt, and maybe have a little change to actually do things such as date nights, clothes, and stuff. We've been running ourselves ragged with worry, but I think we're changing our tune.

Originally, we thought we save, save, save, save, give some blood (maybe a part of our souls?), and save so we could buy a house this summer. But after seeing this movie, I thought what's the rush? (Of course, the theme of this movie was completely the opposite with Hilary Swank's character's husband passing away and leaving her widowed at 29.) We're both young. We're both in good jobs. We're madly in love. Plus, we haven't seen a house we've really liked yet, but then we've only been glancing to see what the market looks like and not looking seriously, but I think I'd be scared if we were—it's not pretty.

So I'm hoping we can sit on our hands and try not to settle down so quickly, but enjoy our youth. Enjoy our alone time together, which is why after seeing this terrific movie, I thought my sister has to see it, but with an 18-month old, going to the movies with your husband is probably pretty low on the priority list or just hard to accomplish with all that babysitter fuss that comes with having a child. That's why I'm babysitting on my first night to Denver. I'm getting to spend time with my cuter-than-ever nephew, who I've currently tucked away to bed after some five books and kisses, and then some screaming. My sister is going to the movies (I can't remember the last time she's been). It's good for both us, because it makes me realize I want to hold on to that you and me time with my husband (sans baby), time that's simple and not fenaggled with a house payment and then thoughts of a little bun.

So I may live in a crappy apartment where I can't paint the walls, the carpet is dingy, and the space is tight, but we're happy and we should be having fun, not trying to cram a whole bunch of mature decisions (read: money) into an unrealistic time frame. We'll get there, and we'll enjoy the ride along the way. I hope, but I better stop watching HGTV and maybe change a bunch more dirty diapers just so my nephew doesn't look too cute to me.

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