Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bye, bye Blueprint

Not too long ago I subscribed to the Martha Stewart-endorsed magazine Blueprint. Unlike her magazine Martha Stewart Living that delves more into topics that will interest a older generation (but I still love the design and the step-by-step food and craft instructions), Blueprint was geared for the younger (post-college, early career) women who want more designerly products and treatments. But alas, the magazine didn't make it—at least in print form. I received a post card telling me as subscriber that the print publication had ceased and that my remaining subscription will be honored with Martha Stewart Living. Another one bites the dust. I was actually pretty surprised, because this magazine struck a chord with me. I loved the edgy, fun font and the photography. The topics tended to be geared more toward young women who are into designer clothes and living in the Upper Eastside of Manhattan. A far reality cry for a mid-western mentality that includes window shopping at Old Navy and Target. Maybe it was too much eye candy.

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