Saturday, February 23, 2008

He's here!

Weighing 5lbs. and measuring 13in. in display width, MacBook has made it in the jessieg family yesterday evening. We couldn't be prouder. But I haven't even had time to do anything on him, or get him set up on the Internet, so he's just hanging out on my desk, ready to be deployed. Not sure when that will be, because I'm working like a dog at my full-time job, and I recently took on a freelance editing position with a local magazine, Urban Times. (Channeling Shopaholic's main character, Becky: I am a top magazine editor. A movie based on the series is coming out, if you haven't heard.) So between that and getting what is I think is a cold, but it feels more like the flu, Mr. Mac will just have to chill without getting any loving. But not to worry, I'll soon be firing up my brain and fingers to push out some prose.

1 comment:

  1. You're on the Urban Times bandwagon too? Haha. I can see it now: "The Urban Times Staff Formerly Known as the DCP Crew"