Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Little creep

I couldn't videotape Abby and not get her funny little crawl/roll. The girl is mobile! What you don't see in this video is that she actually started out in the living room. Eventually she does get tired and stranded and lifts her hands and feet and yells to come get her. Now. So demanding that one.


  1. I like the parts where AJ is screaming, "LATTE!"

    Man, she was determined to get that balloon...that was a long journey...

  2. Every time I play it, JL is like, "He's so loud!"

  3. so that is what is he saying! i thought he was saying AAABBBBBYYYEEE! :) lb aspires to be a creeper too! he has the butt and legs thing down he just doesnt realize that there should be participation from his arms. hehe soon tho! more videos please !!!love ya, rec