Thursday, September 17, 2009

Old man toothpaste

Conversation 1,660, 899 with hubby.

Me: How was the dentist? Did you get a free toothbrush?
Hubby: Yeah, but I think they changed my toothpaste?
Me: Did they give you old man toothpaste.
Hubby: [Looking incredulous] Yeah, I think they did give me old man toothpaste.
Me: Did they give you Sensodyne?
Hubby: Yeah! I think they did give me Sensodyne. That means I am an old man!


  1. I could so hear JL's voice as I read this...

  2. how funny! great blog!! JL i just have to tell you, i may be old now but when i WAS A TEENAGER, i know hard to believe but i was, the dentist prescribed sensodyne for me...yes i did say prescribed..hehe, it was only available by script lol...good luck house hunting, recca i could just see you guys having that conversation too lol