Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can't get enough G

When Capricious graced us with her presence, I thought we'll go through my mismatched decor. Laugh our butts off at my lack of taste. And possibly slap some paint on the walls. And we did that and more. Mantel more. Homemade art more.

Because we struck upon a theme I could get behind—the letter G—we ran with it. Or rather, Capricious did and I just went along with it. Our inspiration was a black letter G that my other sister had given me for Christmas a couple years back. Capricious came up with the idea of using black frames I already had on hand and stamping some Gs on some patterned paper—items pulled from my stamping collection. Easy and cheap. And just the beginning of what I'm calling Project G. Here's how our creation turned out and a peek at the mantel.

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