Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I made a curtain, part one

for my sidelight. I still can't believe it. Me, someone who is usually pretty quick to give up when a task seems too hard. First things first, what exactly is a sidelight and why does it need a curtain?

A sidelight is a long window next to the front door. There can be one on each side, and they may only run half the length of the door. We only have one, and it goes from floor to ceiling. Floor to ceiling. Not much for providing privacy. As the name implies, they do provide some light into our foyer, but not so much that we didn't want to leave it uncovered.

But how exactly to cover it? I had heard of those frosted privacy window film clings that you just cut to the size of the window. Light gets in but no peepers see in. Problem was our front door doesn't have a peep hole in case we should get a visitor, so we needed to still be able to see out of it. That left finding a sidelight curtain, which turns out harder and more expensive than was worth. Did I mention they are ugly sheer monstrosities with no style whatsoever? Not only were they expensive, they weren't what I wanted=not worth it.

That left only one option: I had to make a curtain. I didn't even have a sewing machine! No matter. I had the perfect no-sew inspiration from Young House Love's post. Combine that with the most perfect fabric on sale at Jo-Ann Fabric's. It's Dwell Studio's Cameo Ovals.

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  1. Ha ha, that's exactly how I made curtains when we first moved to DC! Though, I didn't even use the iron-on hem tape, just the kind that sticks on like double-sided tape. The lady at the fabric store thought I was nuts, but my curtains are still hanging in there after 18 months. And I got all the colors I wanted. Purple curtains in my office, yay!