Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pumpkin belly

Happiest belated Thanksgiving! Our Thanksgiving was full—full stomachs, full house, full chaos and fun! We hosted my family: Dad, Tami, Joey, Tim, Toni, Jenna, Recca, Bruce, Kalin, LB, Jon, Stacey, Tabytha, Victoria, Jamie, Chance, Andy, AJ, and Abby (and breathe), and Jonathan's family: Pat, Al, Breanna, Chip, and Raylene.

It was fun to have everyone in the house and to see my family, which I don't see nearly as often as I would like. I love them to death, and it was especially fun to have our two families mingle and eat, and then party!

We had a small family (OK, maybe not so small when you consider the size of my immediate family) baby shower. Chewy received lots of beautiful, thoughtful, and many practical gifts. We're so thankful to share this time with our families. And now Jonathan has to get cracking on the baby's room. He took a look at the calendar today and realized that December is going to be one busy month and the count down is ON!

Now how cute is this picture my sister took? Pumpkin bellies. Only I get my pumpkin in February and he doesn't rot (unless you count his forthcoming diaper changes).

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