Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Before and After

One wiggly baby = not sure which mode to capture him in. Av? Tv? P? M? Almost all my pictures in Av were too blurry because of the constant waving hands and kicking feet. Tv was too dark. I'm close to figuring out how to manipulate the settings. Close. I did manage to get this picture. Although my action boosted it so it's a little over exposed (is that correct term?). I wish I had gone somewhere else to shoot. That door in the background is an eye sore, but hey, you take what you can get when you don't know when the fuss-o-meter is going to go off.


  1. Super cute photo! I would use Tv, which I think is your shutter priority mode. I would set your shutter speed at something over 1/125 and the camera will automatically chose the aperture to get correct exposure. If the camera is choosing an aperture that's too low (<2 is hard to focus on a moving object) you need to bump up your ISO. Using a shutter speed less than 1/125 will give you blur if your subject is moving. I use shutter priority mode a lot when I'm capturing Syd and I don't want to fiddle with Manual Mode.

    Also your photo doesn't look over exposed to me (yes that's the correct term) and my monitor is calibrated.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! Took some photos this evening in Tv. But I had to set my shutter speed around 1/30 to get enough light. Does that seem right! I also adjusted my metering to +2 (the max the XS will go). It's very exciting to start getting results!