Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Full of wonder

Vincent has been exploring as of late. This is such a blessed, wonderful thing because he's so attached to us—me in particular. Usually he doesn't let us out of his sight. But that's changing, and before you say, "Oh, just wait. You'll wish he didn't explore. He'll get into everything." Well, that's OK with me. That's how he learns! And I love to watch him learn and develop. Getting into everything is part of his development. I don't take development for granted these days. I welcome it with open arms.

In his exploring, he's found out that he can see out the back door. It's become his favorite spot. He can look out the window and spy on the neighbors, watch and clap for the birds that happen to land in our yard, and yell at the cars driving down the street. He talks the entire time. Last night I captured the wonder in his eyes. I love watching him watch the world and take it all in. Seeing it through his eyes.

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