Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do you know Gavin?

Gavin Owens, that is. His story, although short, is amazing, inspiring, and heart wrenching. Read it! What's more is the amazing family from which he came. I sat for hours this week reading his and his family's story, sobbing into a whole box of tissues and just wishing I could tell this family how profound I think their presence in this world is. It gave me some much needed perspective and a reality check on just what a precious, wonderful, and blessed life I lead. Vincent will be turning two next month, and to think, in their shoes, I would be counting down the days of the next year and half—a race I would run backwards to never want to finish. Yet, they did and they moved on in ways I only wish I had the strength to possess: adoption of two special children. It breaks my heart that they will never see Gavin grow and become the wonderful young man he would have been—and he would have because his parents are true beckons of light in this dark world. But in his place they wouldn't have meet and become parents to these wonderful children, along with their other daughter. It's not the perfect happy ending, but it's amazing and uplifting. Thanks Owens family for being brave enough to share your story with us. May we always keep our own lights shining like you have for Gavin!

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