Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Koi catching I go

Today, Jonathan and I embarked on quite an adventure. His co-worker was throwing her 50th birthday party, complete with catching her 14 Koi fish from her 5.5-feet pond. The mission: to catch each of her Koi fish, then weigh, measure, and photograph them so they can be included in part of study that is too complicated for me to understand.

Well, I dressed to impressed—the way you want to be when you're meeting people for the first time. I really shouldn't have bothered. I even ironed my shirt!

Once enough guests had gathered at her house, we all convened around one of her two ponds—some of us in it (the ones ironically consuming beer and wine. One of the ladies even brought her wine glass into the pond.).

Koi fish are very smart and clever. Netting these guys was a lot of work. By the time it was all said and done, we'd probably casted the net a dozen times, usually coming up empty handed because these guys know how to allude. My poor knees were very sore from kneeling on stone pavers at the side of the pond. My pristine outfit, well, it was very dirty by the time we caught the second-to-the-last fish. I'm sure everyone was wondering what I was doing wearing an outfit like that to a party like this. My ass and legs were covered in algae and dirt. Did I mention my sore knees? We weren't able to catch the very last fish, Tobey, who was renamed Mr. Hideypants by one of the kids.

It was crazy and fun. We cheered each and every time we were able to bring up a net that wasn't empty. The event is on for next year. Note to self: Wear swimsuit and crappy T-shirt and shorts; bring change of clothes; invest in kneepads. I think I need this T-shirt for Koi catching next year.

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