Saturday, June 14, 2008

When she shops

Went shopping today for clothes, something I rarely ever do. Actually, make that spending money is something I rarely ever do unless absolutely necessary. I've even become known as tight wad at work, I think, because of my frugal ways. (Hey, I buy Starbucks from time to time; that's not frugal!) But I needed some presentable clothes for work because I'll be in Vegas next week hobnobbing with all the biggest AV companies in the world at InfoComm. Can't really wear jeans and a T-shirt. So a hundred or so bucks later, I've got a few new shirts to wear there. I also picked up a cute dress for a wedding I'll be attending next week. But, ugh, spending money on clothes made me feel sick to my stomach. In my head I was thinking: That's money that could go in savings or help pay down debt. Not sure where my penny-pincher ways came from, but we have almost finished paying off our credit card debt. We'll still have school and car loans, but those things are hard to get by without, so I'm comfortable with having those. Our next big purchases: house, new car (Jonathan's car is two wheels in the graveyard), and you know, a baby...eventually; what's the going price for those suckers now days? I wonder if I can get one on sale. I'm all about coupons and discounts.

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  1. Going rate for a baby...about $250 admission fee to deliver if you have good insurance...about $20 a co-pay for each doctor visit...$400 a month for health insurance...again if you have a good plan...$800-$1400 a month in daycare expenses...$25 for a can of formula a week(if you hate breastfeeding), $40 in diapers a month from a place like Costco or Sams...& then they need things like baby food after awhile, wipes, diaper ointment, clothes, toys, shoes...etc....and if you have more than one kid your really talking the big bucks...three kids and you might as well stop working cause daycare is gonna kill ya...BUT they are worth every cent of it!