Monday, June 30, 2008

Welcome Blobby!

Chance is preggers. That makes just about all the women in my life pregnant, 'cept me of course. I've named him/her Blobby, which is quite fun to say after anything.

Jonathan: "We need to buy water filters next time."
Me: "...for Blobby!"

Try it. You'll be amused.

It's so exciting to be an auntie for the fiftieth million time in a row (actually, 12th time; great auntie to three, soon to be four. This is what having a crazybigfamily is like.). I need to get knitting. I wanted to make it my thing where I knit all the babies blankets, but so far, only AJ has one, and as first-time projects, it's not that beautiful—a bit crooked. Oh well, he doesn't know the difference. So that makes two babies I behind knitting for. My nieces are now a year and half and I still haven't started. Now I have this kid and my niece's kid. Something tells me that those aren't the only kids waiting in the wings to be born.

Watched Cloverfield on Amanda's fabulous 52in. flatscreen. Sweet. But I just about peed my pants. I hid most of the time behind a pillow. If you like alien movies, watch it. If you like dooms day movies, watch it. If you don't like any of those things, do not watch it.

Watched The Jane Austen Book Club. I was sorely disappointed. I think I need to read all the Austen books to possibly appreciate the parallel themes of the books and the movie. All the women are all at a cross road in their lives (all the cliche ones: divorce, cheating, new love, old love, parental issues, gay love—okay that one isn't cliche and about the only story line I actually appreciated.). If there's nothing else on, watch it. Otherwise, watch something else.

Watched The Lives of Others. This foreign film was wonderful. I don't get all the historical political significance (history isn't my strong suit), but you don't need to understand too much about East Berlin in the 80s to get what's going on. It's a touching story about a man in Intelligence for the Stasi who fabricates his reports after learning the writer he's spying on is a pretty harmless but loveable creature, and that the only reason he's being told to spy on him is because the Minister wants to sleep with the writer's girlfriend.

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