Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just the motivation I needed

Today was one of those days. I woke up cranky; I showered and dressed cranky; I drove to work cranky; I worked cranky, until it was time to head to the Plaza to enjoy a nice steak linner (lunch/dinner) during the regional ASBPE awards banquet. The editorial staff didn't take anything home, but Amanda won a much-deserved award for one of her masterful design creations. Way to go Amanda!

Besides the steak, listening to the speaker talk about his many awards and how his publication wins so many (he even choked up at one point talking about his win for an editorial letter he wrote about his friend dying of brain cancer; it broke my heart, and it made me want to go work for him), it gave me just the motivation and turnabout I needed for my day and renewed spirit for my job. After watching and listening to other publications accept awards, I wanted one myself. So I've decided to set a new goal for myself at work: write a feature. I've never written anything longer than 1200 words, so writing an in-depth feature will require lots of time I'm not sure I have. If I plan it right, though, I can take a few months to research and write. Of course, this requires I talk to the Big Heads, but I'm sure they'll be fine with it; it's free labor. And just maybe next year I can snag one of those awards myself. Now I just have to hold myself to the goal. It's all about follow through.

Music mood: The Hives, "Try It Again"

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  1. For the most part, 3,500 words is actually easier than 1,200. You just use your sources comments more. You can do this!