Monday, July 21, 2008

Little moments

I don't have kids—yet. But from time to time, special moments pass by between Jonathan and I, and even friends and family, that I feel are too cute not to be shared. So from now on, I'll be posting these little moments. Here's just a couple from this weekend:

Moment #1:
Jonathan heading off to the bathroom with my latest edition of InStyle magazine "just to see what it was." What he did think? "It's about as enjoyable as you'd find Sport Illustrated. Plus, what's all those ads about?" Thanks for trying, honey; that's why I love you.

Moment #2:
Jonathan always does laundry in our house. (Lucky, I know, right?) He enjoys doing it, and heck, I'll let him keep enjoying it all he wants. He always stays caught up too. This weekend he asked me, "Want to know a secret?" Why does your mind and your whole body freeze when someone asks you that? (Probably because you know it'll be an internal struggle to not tell someone, or post it on this blog.) "Okay, what's the secret?" "I love it when I grab the exact number of hangers I need when I do laundry." That simple, and that great.


  1. Oh, I love Jonathan even more for his hanger secret! What a sweetie!