Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I still have a job but

we're going to furlough for the summer. The amount that I won't see in my paycheck because of this will be spread out through the end of the year as to "lessen the burden." I think I'm going to start using my work from home privileges more to cut down on the cost of my commute (36 miles each way). Jonathan could be getting furloughed too, so I'm going to have to really watch my spending now. I hope I won't have to say goodbye to yoga.

The thing that really sucks about this is that it's holding up doing things like buying a house, getting Jonathan a new car, maybe a European vacation, or even a kid. I tell myself the wait will be worth it. I would hate to have one of those nasty mortgages hanging over our head, and we want to be responsible about it and put down the customary 10%. If only everyone would do that maybe we wouldn't be in this place to begin with. I'm beginning to think while the retirement generation is sucking our social security dry, my generation seems to think everything should come to them on a silver platter with wings. I'm ready for this country to get back to rooted values where earning a dollar meant hard work.

If only I took my own advice, I might not have as much debt too.


  1. Sounds terrible - I hope things start to look up soon!

  2. ouch...this sucks...when do your four day weeks start?

  3. Eek. I always wondered what would happen if I stayed at Penton, too, and I hope things start looking I'm currently on my "long vacation" (aka unemployment), which is very glamorous ;) Have you ever thought of moving to Colorado like you were pondering? Sometimes a move can be a great refresher and open new opportunities...