Monday, April 20, 2009

Skin-deep beauty

I've hit puberty again. At 27. My face and back are breaking out in nice adult acne fashion. I never had acne as a teenager. I prided myself on it. Guess I was a little too vain. Now I'm learning humility.

I think the second coming of hormone land could be related to my new meds. I'm tempted to call up the pharmaceuticals nurse line and ask them if anyone else had reported acne.

In effort to clear up my skin, I read online and found that adult acne should be treated different than teenage acne. Make sense. My body has changed in the 12 or 13 years since it first started "changing." So I went with Neutrogena's Deep Clean facial cleanser, kicking my Sensitive Skin Clean & (obviously not) Clear cleanser to the curb. Mistake. Deep clean apparently means: This product sucks all moisture out of your skin leaving you with red, irritated patches. But don't try to rehydrate: Those tiny bumps turn into little pimples. I can't win. And evolution is happening on my face. My solution for the time being is globbing on the makeup and hoping no one looks too closely at my itchy, inflammed, scaly skin.

Ode to this this well-working body. You're a keeper.

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