Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here's my dream job

As I experience job woes, I'm finding myself thinking more and more what I'd want to do or where I would want to end up at. One thing is for certain: I'd want to work for myself.

My dream would be this: I would open a store that melds all my loves together. Chai lattes. Check. Yoga. Check. Knitting. Check. Socializing. Check. I imagine a store that provides a place to experience community. A place where you look forward to going to, and, forgive me, where everyone knows your name. It would be a fun, funky shop where I could sell the things I love. Things that make you feel better about yourself, brings you inspiration, makes you a happier, nicer person, and a place where you look forward to going to. A place you could come everyday to get your daily dose of whatever you need. Whether it be a familiar face, an asana, a book, or a chai. Where you don't find near postal employees. Where everyone is happy (or if they aren't happy, we can make them happy).

This is my dream job. A store with a little soul. A little slice of heaven. Just what the world needs, eh?


  1. you know, i think this is something that you should really loook into more. i think if you do what you love, you are so lucky. i would go to a store like this all the time, and so would a lot of other people.

  2. i would love to come to your store! Now i cant wait untill your dream comes true.
    love ya