Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I wonder why I even care

My company is in dire straits. Or at least it feels like dire straits when investors are breathing down your neck because we're not making the profits we used to. (Maybe you should manage your money better then. T&E has been ridiculous in the last years I've been working with this company.) It's depressing. And I'm wondering why I even cared about journalism to begin with. I'm career depressed. Because if I don't write and edit for a living, what do I do?


  1. Shrug off that career burnout dearest sister. When I get like that I just think of this little phrase from Waterboy and it always pumps me back up..................
    " YOU CAN DO IT!!!!"

  2. sorry bout the career depression. wish i had wise words...

    maybe you could open a knitting/yoga shop. and then i could be your student and you could teach me??

  3. Amanda, I love that idea. Too funny. If only, right? I'm so thankful I do have those things in my life and that the KC area happens to be a good yoga mecca.