Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's the details that get me

I finished knitting the second baby booty. I had knitted the first one months ago, but knitting my niece's sweater consumed my knitting time,so I left it in my knitting-projects-to-complete pile. It felt great to get it out the way, even thought it took me most of yesterday to do. (I wonder if I'm not a fast knitter. Since I taught myself, and because I don't often knit in the company of other knitters, I really don't have a gauge. No pun intended.) I even stitched up one booty last night. I hate, hate, hate this part of knitting. When you're done knitting, you're not done. There are seams to sew and casted on ends to weave in. I wish there was a finishing class I could take to know that I'm making my projects look as best as they can when I'm done with them. It's those finishing touches that make all the difference.

Picture to come soon once I get the booty stitched and all the ends tucked in.


  1. I'm in the process of about a million different knitting projects, 3 blankets, 1 soaker, 1 pair of arm warmers, and I plan to start another soaker for a friend, and a sweater for Chase, not to mention the sweater and blanket that I never finished crocheting...I need to stop starting things and start finishing them. I can't wait to see your finished stuff. I signed up for Ravelry btw and I highly recommend doing so! It is realy cool.

  2. can't wait to see! i hate that part of knitting too.
    the pattern is in a book called big city knits. i love it. the book is full of great patterns.
    do you belong to ravelry? if not it is a great place to see lots of other people's knits and decide which book to purchase.