Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Instinctual design?

My friend sent me this quiz to help me along in my color palette selection. I think I always think of interior decorating (do they still call it that?) as something that takes creative juices and a knack for, well, decorating, but what if it's all instincts? My results came back "Sun-kissed," and the one color I have chosen for our house to go in the great room, dining room, and kitchen (that one big open space...see floor plan) is Harvester. It's something between a Yellow Strength and Golden Burma.

Take the quiz yourself and see your color personality. I can almost bet you've already surrounded yourself with these colors.

Oh, and if I never write my novel, I want to be a paint namer. How fun would that be?! Jessaca, paint namer at large. That has ring.

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