Sunday, February 21, 2010

DIYs when you're snowed in

Or when your iced in. And right now, it's exactly that. It days like this that that want-my-new-house-already itch drives me up the wall's of my sis-in-law and BF's apartment. Because days like this are meant for crafting, and I left the parental unit in law's without thinking to grab my bags of knitting for this very occasion. Instead, I give you my list of crafts I'd be doing if I were already in casa de TVFMP (the view from my pencil). Maybe you'll find inspiration here too!

1. Terry cloth Caddy
2. No-Knit Textured Throw and Patterned Pillows
3. Envelope Accordion Book
4. Lavender Eye Pillows
5. Napkin-folded Pillowcases
6. Oilcloth Lunchbag
7. Hanging Bubbly Ball Decorations
8. Eggshell Flower Pots

1 comment:

  1. Super cute & fun! I want to make the lunch bag!