Thursday, February 18, 2010

My house bones

As promised, here are our house pictures. Or rather its bones. It's hard to imagine that this goes from being a construction of two by fours, pipes, and cement to a home that's not only beautiful but clean. I never in my life imagined that the build process is so messy. But I'm sure Michelangelo didn't break out the dustbuster while he worked either. Today during our walkthrough with the foreman, we went over our punch sheet and he explain what each of the juncture boxes, pipes, and different wiring that we were seeing was. And when he'd ask if we knew what certain things were, I didn't feign intelligence. What would it get me as a new homeowner? He was kind enough to explain the plumbing piping that's now being used instead of copper, something about our heater that I don't remember, and some other things. I couldn't help notice that he often would look at Jonathan when he talked. If he only knew that we do things pretty much 50/50. I'll be right there maintaining my home along side him.

We also got to drop in on another home that's the same model as ours just to refresh our memory as to what exactly it's all going to look like. Afterall, we haven't seen the product since we walked through the first home that made us sign a contract that day. It wasn't a model home, so there wasn't a chance for us to see it all again. I didn't take pictures because a)it wasn't my home, so I felt for sure that had to be something illegal about posting pictures of another person's home...even if they haven't taken custody, and b)I want to make you wait for the big reveal. Call me evil.

And because my sister is full of great ideas, including a creating a picture diary of our first home as it goes through the build process, I give you my house bones. Enjoy the skeleton!

The view from the front door in the foyer, looking back into the great room, dining room, and kitchen. The structure in the back is the makings of [cue dramatic music] a kitchen island.

The view from the kitchen, standing by the island, looking back into the dining room, great room, and foyer. The bedrooms and bathroom (two) are all on the right. I wonder if it could be considered a shotgun-style home.

Looking into the foyer at the front door. The stairwell on the right leads down into the basement. Not pictured is a coat closet on the right as well.

The view from the fireplace. Looking at a bathroom, linen closet, and two bedrooms.

The fireplace. [Swoon]

The island up close, looking toward the kitchen, standing in the dining room.

Looking into the kitchen. Between the two windows will be the kitchen sink. Notice the beautiful light. Something I never had in my apartment.

In the kitchen looking toward the master bedroom. In front of the master bedroom is the kitchen pantry. We widen it from the original design and I'm in heaven.

Standing in the master bedroom, looking toward the kitchen. To the left (not pictured), is the master bathroom and walk-in closet.

In the master bedroom looking at the master bathroom. The walk-in closet is off the bathroom. Strange, but I like the extra wall space in the master.


  1. Wow! It is becoming so real! Love all the pics!

  2. This is so cool seeing how the house is coming together. Not many people get that chance. I can't wait to come see it this summer!